Thanksgiving Box Tops Challenge

Thanksgiving & Box Tops go together like, well, Pillsbury® Crescent Rolls & Land O’ Lakes® butter!

Ask friends & family to collect their Box Tops and bring them to your Thanksgiving get-together! Use the Turkey Collection Sheet, or bring what you have in a baggie, marked with your name, class, and amount of Box Tops to school the Monday after Thanksgiving. The top collector in each class will get a prize!

Here’s a Checklist of some Box Tops products that are perfect for Thanksgiving:
• Hefty Elegant Plates, & Cups • Nestle Juicy Juice • Betty Crocker Baking products: Quick Breads, Cookies, Muffins, Cakes, Brownies, Potatoes & More!
• Gold Medal Baking Flour • Bisquick • Progresso Soups and Broth • Green Giant frozen Vegetables • Land O’ Lakes Butter, Cheese & Eggs • Pillsbury Crescent Rolls & Grands • Scott Paper Towels and paper products • Kleenex Tissues & Napkins • Ziploc Containers and Bags are great for leftovers!

Download a Turkey Collection Sheet! Please us TAPE to attach Box Tops!


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